H&W opened our spray booth operation. This operation started with two man crew and one spray booth. Two and half years later, this operation employs four men and is equipped with two spray booths, a recyclable grit blast booth, and two prep bays.

Our mission has been to provide our customers with a high level of quality while staying competitve with our competition. Diversity has allowed us to be successful in this operation. Our facility handles pipe spools, skids, vessels, trailers,semi-truck cabs, transports, tanks and rolling stock. 

Our operation is equipped with a 36,000 lb forklift, and a 6000 lb. Cat telehandler.

Our clients employ us to help protect their product or equipment, minimizing millions of dollars at risk if this equipment is not protected adequately. H&W performs pre-constructon evaluation to determine if the scope of work and the coating system to be used will afford the kind of protection needed by the client.  

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Internal Pipe Coating 

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Like the field operation, the spray booth specializes in interior liners. We apply acid resistant liners in frac tanks, transports and storage tanks. We use Plural Component spray pumps to apply these liners. Below you can learn more about our PC pump.

Spray Booth Services

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Since 1981 H&W has set the path for quality workmanship in the oil and gas industry. We have met or exceeded our clients expectations by setting our expectations even higher!

We  strive to stay on top of all of the latest technologies that affords the most cost effective and safety oriented services possible.

To continue to do our part for the environment and the safety of our employees, H&W has incorporated eco-friendly blast medias to include Black Beauty coal slag, garnet and steel grit in lieu of the more common silica sand media. H&W uses Blastox for lead abatement projects. We also use  Blastrac  technology for large ground storage tanks. These three elements limit the exposure of hazards for our employees and clients. 

To meet the continued diversified needs of our customers, H&W is offering internal pipe lining.  Whether your needs are to increase the dependability ans services life of the piping or increase the corrosion resistance, H&W can offer you a variety of professional coating that can meet your individual needs.  The internal coating used assure the customer of a smooth, good abrasion resistance lining for crude, gas diesel, brine (salt water) and much more. 

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